• Jewelry Buffing Wheel 4"x40 ply, 1/2" wide white cotton 3/8"spiral sewn

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    ON SALE !!!    Jewelry Buffing Wheel 

    4" X 40 PLY - 1/2" Wide, 3/8" spiral sewn, Pinhole-Center Hole(see photo). white cotton buffing wheel.These wheels are sewn in a spiral pattern from the center to the edge of the buff.  This wheel has 3/8" spiral sewing(4 rows of sewing). The HIGH POLISH MATERIAL that these wheels are made from is the softest available next to flannel material. This material is for color buffing, high luster work. These white spiral sewn buffs are great for all types of buffing and polishing. They are one of the best all around buffing wheels used on most buffing jobs. If you need a wheel firmer than this for tough cut buffing, try our yellow spiral sewn buffs. The yellow spiral sewn wheels are good for use with all buffing compounds and polishes including greaseless compound.