• 10 X 3 CLOTH & SISAL buffing wheel - Special Gold Treatment


    10 INCH CLOTH & SISAL BUFF 3" CENTER     1-1/2" WIDE Special Golden Treatment
    This unique buff is made by sewing rows of sisal and cotton together then forming it into an airway construction. For cut down operations where the buff must be more flexible than a bias sisal. Great for irregular surfaces and turns. The Gold treatment in this buffing wheel is excellent for compound retention. The gold treatment is a mild flexible treatment that is slightly tacky. It helps the buff run cooler, and runs dust free when buffing. Treated buffs last at least twice as long as untreated buffs and are more economical. Like the other sisal buffing wheels these wheels are used for cut down operations on steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  This treated sisal holds buffing compound very well. The wheels is firm but not too stiff. It is a very popular seller! These wheels are used for cut down operations on steel, stainless steel and aluminum. They work well as first step buffs when preparing work for the final high luster step. Use a liquid or bar type steel cut buffing compound like #BP-401, or BP-408 with these buffing wheels. Sisal buffs are designed to take the pressure needed to buff out abrasive belt lines and scratches. These buffing wheels are roughly 1-1/2" thick. You can stack as many on the buffing shaft as needed to build the desired buffing wheel face. Sisal buffing wheels should only be used when maximum pressure is needed to cut very hard metals. SAFETY WARNING YOU MUST USE 4 INCH END FLANGES WITH THIS PRODUCT!

    This type of Cloth and Sisal buffing wheel can be made for you in many configurations. Presently we are only stocking this in a few sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in another size or construction.